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Explore the Forgotten World of Numbra to uncover your mysterious past and save the land and its inhabitants from an imminent threat. In this land of eternal night, you will rely on your Shadow Core to brave the many challenges and foes standing in your way. Do you have what it takes to survive in perilous Numbra?

Key Features

The Ultimate Freedom
Control the Shadow Core and use it the way you see fit to face the challenges of the game. You can spawn this magical box beneath your feet to propel yourself into the air and move across the land at your own pace. With the Shadow Core, you become the master of your surroundings and create your own path.

An Immersive Journey
Load up Light Fall and immerse yourself in this strange universe where darkness prevails over the light. Joining you in this adventure, Stryx the old and grumpy owl, will act as your sidekick and in-game narrator. Depending on his mood, he will either offer useful advice or bluntly mock your failures.

A Vast World to Explore
With the Shadow Core in hand, reach new heights and explore every nook and cranny of Numbra. Wander through the Lunar Plain, the Marshlands of Sorrows, the Vipera's Forest and the Unknown Depths, where shortcuts, alternative paths, hidden collectibles and easter eggs await you in large numbers.


To learn more about the game, please visit our website or our Steam page.

You can download and try our official release demo for free! Have fun!

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip it somewhere on your computer. Then, find and open LightFall.exe inside the folder and you are ready to go! We highly recommend using a plugged-in controller for the optimal experience, but the demo is playable with the keyboard as well.


light-fall_0.3.3c2_auto-detect_win-x86.zip 899 MB

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It's fairly easy in my opinion, and I had a lot of fun speedrunning  it, but the leaderboard doesn't work.

It's incredible!!! It's challenging but not like "ugh I'm done" sort of challenging. The storyline is gorgeous and I adore the graphics so much!!! Definitely following BishopGames just because of this <3


Hi! I really liked your game and want to play it. However I have a disability and cannot use wasd keys. Could you consider to add a remapping option or an alternative control scheme for your next game? I and many people like me would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance and good luck with your projects :)


Yes, as a person with cerebral palsy, gamepad option would be great. 

Such a cool game! It flows so well I couldn't believe it! Will be playing the full version soon for sure! 

This is an awesome game with beautiful design and fun mechanics. 

So beautiful! Couldn't figure out how to get the keyboard controls though so I couldn't get too far and I apologize for that, but the visuals are stunning and it's all around a lovely game!


I've only just started the demo and Light Fall is an excellent piece of work. Everything being silhouettes works well with the ever present theme of light & darkness and, despite that simplistic appearance, the world is still well drawn and holds much to look at. What I've heard of the music has been a pleasant experience as well, with my favorite song so far being the main menu. So dramatic. And the one doing the owl's voice needs a high five, because he plays the part well.

Great job on this.

This game is so great! I loved every second of playing it, it is truly amazing and looks wonderful. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us with the full release of the game. 

Also, I have always wanted a narrator voice :D


This was a beautifully polished demo release, I was so stunned by the gorgeous backdrops it may have caused me to miss some of my jumps. That's my excuse for sucking and I'm sticking with it!

In all seriousness though, the characterisations are great (Stryx is an immediately classic character), the story is looking awesome and the gameplay itself it absolutely top drawer. I'll be snapping up the full game for sure sometime in the future!

Keep up the amazing work everyone, this was a real treat (even though I couldn't quite make it to the end of the demo)! =)


I found this game on Gamejolt .. Probably one of the best free games I've ever played 


This was amazing!